I hope you enjoy the statistics that I've been able to provide here.

Even though I am the ICSCC Points Keeper, this site and its data are not an official effort of Conference. The statistics here have not been verified, validated, or checked. The math might be off, the data might be bad, and so on. The information here is intended as a novelty; please do not use this information for research or as a basis for decision making.

While I've worked hard to post correct results here, the data you're seeing is provided on a best-effort basis. I've used published sources to combine and collect information for others to see and share.

The site runs on Microsoft Internet Information Server using ASP scripts and a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. The data has been populated from scoring sheets, timing sheets, and the points totals available to me.

I've purchased a brand new sheet-feed scanner, as well as advanced optical character recognition software to convert the scanned documents into searchable, mineable Adobe Acrobat files. The scanned documents can be read and downloaded by any human. Once they're converted and run through the OCR software, search engines like Google can index them, and the data can also be efficiently copied into the database here at the website.

I'm adding new data as rapidly as I can, and hope to continue to expand the breadth and depth of the data available substantially. If your own records or those of your friends aren't present, are inaccurate, or are incomplete, I hope you'll work with me to help complete them instead of assuming that I've made the omission out of spite. Conference has not, for various reasons, chosen to archive its own results and documents in a way that's readily available to the racers that form the very clubs that the organization serves. Among my secondary intentions for providing this site are to make that information available to everyone in the clubs, and to demonstrate to Conference that computers and the Internet are a viable way to support its members.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment to the ICSCC Driver's Discussion Board, or send me an email at mike at screwylizardracing.com.

 — Mike Blaszczak

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